Saltless Water Softener Reviews

Trying to find unbiased saltless water softener reviews can be frustrating. There’s a lot of misleading information out there, some from the industry and some from websites looking to take advantage of the lack of information. For a lot of reasons, reviewing a large number of salt free water softeners isn’t practical for individuals or small websites. It takes a larger publication like Consumer Reports, and even they do not currently test water softeners.

So the truth is, reliable saltless water softener reviews do not exist. Fortunately, there are a lot of other factors you can look at when judging saltless water softeners. When making water softener comparisons, these details often make the difference. The following table measures some of the most popular saltless water softeners on the following factors:

Technology: Which technology does the company’s salt free water softeners use? You should read up on the various technologies used for saltless water softeners (electronic, magnetic, filter), as this could influence your decision.

Sales Channels: How does the company sell its systems? For many people, the variety of channels is a measure of trustworthiness.

Customer Reviews: Are independent customer reviews available? Customer testimonials on the company’s website do not count. If a company isn’t willing to expose its products to customer feedback, that could signal a lack of confidence (and at the very least, it means a lack of useful information).

Customer Rating: The approximate customer rating average of the manufacturer’s saltless water softeners, if available. If grayed out, customer reviews are either not available or there aren’t a significant number of them.

Manufacturer Technology Sales Channels Customer Reviews? Customer Rating
Aquasana Chelation Online, Regional Dealers Yes
Culligan Waste Water Mitigation Online, Brick and Mortar, Regional Dealers Yes
NuvoH2O Chelation Online, Regional Dealers Yes
Eddy Electronic Online Yes
Clearwave Electronic Online, Brick and Mortar, Regional Dealers Yes
Abundant Flow Systems Chelation Online Yes
Pelican Filter Media Own Website No
Easy Water Electronic Regional Dealers No
Purhome Filter Media Online, Regional Dealers Yes
Raindance Water Systems Filter Media Contact Company No
Water Dove Magnetic Online Yes


For more information on individual brands, see our saltless water softener listings or click on the manufacturer you’re interested in.

Obviously, when buying any water softener, your best bet is to buy a product produced by a reputable manufacturer and sold by a reputable retailer. This is especially true for salt-free water softeners, which operate through a variety of technologies – some sound and some dubious. Unfortunately, the type of water softener that requires the most research (saltless) also has the least information available.

The data in this table can offer clues about the respective systems. However, you should not stop here, but continue to read customer reviews, fact sheets, and any other sources of information you can get your hands on. Keep in mind that even customer reviews and testimonials can be faked by unscrupulous companies posting under fake names. This is particularly tempting for these companies when – as is often the case with large appliances – there are relatively few customer reviews and its easy to sway the overall score.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how to weigh all the information at your disposal, including the data in this table. Use your best judgment, be skeptical, and seek out manufacturers and retailers with a strong reputation.