Saltless Water Softener Brands

Looking for an alternative to traditional, salt-based water softeners? Here's a list of companies offering a range of home water conditioners, including magnetic, electronic, and chelation systems.


Standard product image for the Aquasana salt free water softener system

Well known for its water filters, Aquasana also offers a salt free water softener that goes by the name SimplySoft. The system works by releasing phosphates into your water that are designed to stop hard water ions from binding and forming scale. Aquasana also says the phosphates form a protective anti-scale barrier in your pipes.

If you’ve researched other saltless systems that operate through the process of chelation, this should all sound familiar. Like those systems, the SimplySoft softener does not use electricity, but does require filter replacement every six months.

As with other Aquasana products, the SimplySoft system comes with a 90-day money back guarantee (no questions asked). It also comes with a one-year warranty that’s valid as long as the system is installed by a licensed plumber.

The SimplySoft system itself is reasonably priced when compared to similar systems such as NuvoH2O. However, the salt free softener is also sold as part of a more expensive package with Asquasana’s RHINO whole house water filter, which removes chlorine and other impurities. You can order the combination SimplySoft/Rhino system through Aquasana’s website. The customer reviews for this system are generally positive, though it’s difficult to say how much of the enthusiasm is for the softening component vs. the water filter.

Scale Sentry Water Conditioner

Scale Sentry Water ConditionerAbundant Flow Water Systems makes the Scale Sentry Water Conditioner, which is designed to treat water hardness of up to 25 gpg. Like other popular saltless systems, it works through a process called chelation. The system runs your home’s water through filtration media intended to change the structure of hard water ions so that they don’t form scale.

In addition to not using salt, this system also uses no electricity. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee, a 5-year warranty on the valve, and 10-year warranty on the tank.

You can buy this system at both online and brick-and-mortar stores,, or directly through the company. Keep in mind that you’ll also need to replace the filter media periodically.

Eddy Electronic Descaler

Eddy Electronic Descaler

UK-based Eddy Water Descalers makes the Eddy Electronic Descaler, a system that uses electromagnetic treatment to effectively soften water (this treatment does not actually remove hard water minerals, but prevents them from forming scale). Like other electronic systems, the Eddy descaler is affordable and very easy for any homeowner to install. Wrap some wires around your water pipes, plug it in, and you’re done – that’s basically all there is to it.

One of the most attractive aspects of this system is the one-year money back guarantee. On top of that, it also features a lifetime repair or replace warranty.

You can order the Eddy Electronic Descaler though any number of online retailers, including


Clearwave Electronic Water Softener SystemThe Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System is an electromagnetic water softener that’s cheap, easy to install, and low maintenance. It works by bombarding your water supply with electromagnetic pulses, increasing the attraction of the water to mineral salts. According to the system’s manufacturer, this results in minerals staying dissolved in the water rather than attaching to pipes.

Installation is simple enough that most anyone should be able to handle it. It merely involves wrapping wires around your pipes.

This seems to be one of the more popular saltless water softeners, possibly due to its low price and wide availability. The Clearwave system sells for less than $150 and is available at brick-and-mortar stores as well as online retailers like

Raindance Water Systems

Raindance Water Systems offers a no salt hard water conditioner. The company, which also sells conventional salt-based water softeners, explicitly states that this system is not a water softener due to the fact that it does not remove hard water minerals.  Instead, it filters water through media that transforms calcium ions into calcium crystals, which do not attach to pipes.

The system is designed for up to 25 grains of hardness per gallon. Raindance recommends replacing the filters every 6-12 months, and the anti-scaling media every 3-5 years.

You can purchase the Raindance no salt water conditioner directly through the company’s website.

Water Dove

Water Dove

Chanson Water offers the Water Dove line of salt-free magnetic water softeners. The softeners create a magnetic field that changes the electrical charge of hard water ions so that they cannot form scale on your plumbing.

Water Dove systems cost between $1500 and $2500, depending on options. The systems are available through Chanson Water’s website, along with online retailers. Chanson Water offers a 90-day money back guarantee on its water softeners, along with a 10-year warranty.

You can find this system at


Purhome Water SoftenerThe Purhome Hard Water Conditioner uses a catalyst media called Filtersorb SP3® to transform dissolved calcium and magnesium carbonate into calcite crystals, which are carried away in the water flow.

The system is designed for water with up to 25 grains of hardness per gallon. The conditioners are advertised as maintenance-free, but you do have to replace the filter media periodically. Puriteam guarantees Purhome Hard Water Conditioners for 5 years or 600,000 gallons.

Purhome softeners are  sold through local dealers and online retailers like You can also purchase through Puriteam’s website.

Easy Water

Easy Water offers an electronic no salt conditioner that attaches to your water main. A wire wraps around your water pipes and emits a wide range of frequencies in an attempt to disrupt water molecules and prevent hard water ions from forming scale. Easy Water advertises that their conditioners break up existing scale as well.

The system is designed to be installed by homeowners, and Easy Water provides a website with detailed instructions. However, people without home improvement experience may need professional installation.

Easy Water conditioners are sold (and installed, if need be) through local dealers, which you can contact through Easy Water’s website. Prices are not advertised.


Pelican™ NaturSoft Salt Free Water Softeners use filter media to alter hard water ions and prevent them from attaching to your pipes. Pelican also claims their systems break up existing scale. These systems do not use electricity, and are advertised as being maintenance free.

Pelican softeners are available from their factory direct website. They cost between $1500-$4000, depending on the options you choose and the number of bathrooms in your home.

For more information, see Should You Buy a Pelican Water Softener?


Culligan offers an array of home water product and services, such as water filtration, conventional salt based water softeners, and salt delivery. While they don’t make a saltless water softener, they do provide a variety of salt free options such as:

  • whole house water filtering
  • a soft water exchange service, where Culligan handles the waste water produced by your conventional water softener
  • conventional water softeners that also work with potassium

Culligan has many regional dealers, and their products are also available at various retailers, including


nuvoH2O Home Complete System

NuvoH20 offers a saltless water softener that works through a process called chelation, which prevents hard water minerals from forming scale without the use of magnets or electricity. NuvoH20 also claims its water softeners break up existing scale.

NuvoH2O softeners are compact and can typically be installed in less than an hour. However, if you do need professional installation, NuvoH2O will help connect you to a technician.

These systems start at less than $1000 and are available at various online retailers, including The systems require you to replace a cartridge every six months to a year, at a cost of less than $100.